General Information & Safety

General Information

Affordable Pergolas products are made from treated wood. Minor twisting, warping, knots, small cracks, and weathering are naturally occurring in wood products and do not affect the integrity of the product. Regular maintenance such as applying sealant or stain will help reduce weathering and cracks.  Slight gapping at connections and settling may occur.    

Affordable Pergolas are non-permanent structures. Please be advised that it is the purchaser’s responsibility to consult local planning, zoning, and building inspection departments for guidance on applicable building codes and/or zoning requirements.


Important Safety Notice!

Affordable Pergolas products are intended for decorative and ornamental use only.

Product is NOT INTENDED to be:

  • A safety barrier to dangerous areas.
  • A load bearing support for a building, structure, heavy object or swing.

Remove any accumulated snow.

DO NOT climb or walk on roof for any reason.

Affordable Pergolas products are NOT flame retardant and will burn.  Grills and fire pits are a fire hazard; consult the user manual of your grill or fire pit to ensure a safe distance from combustible materials.